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2017 Annual General Meeting




To be held at Toitu Museum, 31 Gardens Road, Dunedin

Saturday 18th March, 2017 at 4.30pm




Minutes of last meeting

Matters Arising

Presentations of Reports:



Regional Reports (To be tabled with Drama NZ by Tues 13th March)

Election of Officers:





Regional Rep Co-ordinator

Primary Rep

Executive seats x 3

Nominations for Officers close Saturday 18th March at 4pm.

In the instance of multiple nominations for specific roles or an excess of 3 Executive seats, a vote will be held with voting rights to all financial members

General Business:

Should you wish to table other items on the Agenda please notify Emma Bishop, President at dramednz@gmail.com by Monday 13th March.

2017 National Conference Scholarships Announced

Drama NZ have two scholarships available for teachers to attend the 2017 National Conference
Beginning Teacher Scholarship: available to a 1st or 2nd year Teacher
Rural Teacher Scholarship: available to any teacher in a rural area
Both scholarships are for $500 to be used towards registration, accommodation or flights.
To apply send us (dramednz@gmail.com)an expression of interest stating which scholarship, where you are working and what you are teaching and why you would benefit from gaining a scholarship
Applications close Jan 23rd

Registrations open for 2017 National Conference

Register now for the 2017 Drama NZ National Conference - click here


2017 Conference Accommodation Options

Wondering where to stay in Dunedin - click here for a few options including a great deal from Scenic Circle.

There is also always AirBnb as well

IDEA Newsletter

Check out the Oct IDEA (International Drama in Education Assocaition) Newsletter


International Drama Theatre Education Day 2016




Dear IDEA members

I write again to bring to your attention the International Drama/Theatre and Education Day 2016. Each year IDEA celebrates our work on November 27.


The theme for 2016 is Drama/Theatre Education for Sustainability.

This deliberately links our work with UNESCO Sustainable Development Goals (http://www.un.org/sustainabledevelopment/education/). This theme also connects with the World Alliance for Arts Education Summit to be held in Hangzhou, China December 2-6 2016 (http://www.waae.org.cn/en/Home/).

Through education for sustainable living, students gain knowledge, skills, and values to address the environmental and social challenges of the coming decades. They learn to think ecologically, understand the interconnectedness of human and natural systems, and develop the capacity to apply this understanding so that human communities and natural ecosystems may thrive. https://www.ecoliteracy.org/article/what-education-sustainable-living . As we in IDEA know so deeply, drama and theatre is founded on expressing and sharing human experience, interconnectedness and social challenges.

There are many models for thinking sustainability in our field. For example, you will find Drama Australia has published Acting Green Drama Australia Guidelines for sustainable drama practice and drama teaching http://www.dramaaustralia.org.au/assets/files/GreenGuide2011_final.pdf

These guidelines focus on three main ideas

TEACHING SUSTAINABILITY THROUGH DRAMA: the use of drama to explore key issues around sustainability. Drama engages students’ affectively and cognitively in learning about sustainability and enables them to imagine other creative and dramatic ways of being and becoming possible alternative futures.

SUSTAINABLE DRAMA AND THEATRE PRACTICE: how to create drama and theatre in sustainable ways.

SUSTAINABLE EDUCATION: sustaining people, communities and ecosystems; health and wellbeing and durability.


I encourage all members of IDEA to celebrate IDEA Day 2016. Attached in a digital form is the 2016 poster for IDEA Day 2016. Please share this poster to the widest possible audience.


Canterbury Scholarship Drama Workshop announcd

Sat 24th September


Students - 10am - 1pm - $40

Teachers - 10am - 3.30pm (BYO Lunch)- $25 Drama NZ members / $90 no members (incls 2016 membership)


Dunedin Term 3 Workshop

NCEA Examination and Study Prep Workshop

  • focus on keeping students engaged whilst preparing for external exams
  • external exams for all three year levels
  • scholarship

Thursday 22nd September 2016.

Location: John McGlashan College Drama Room (Basement level, Edgar Learning Centre).

Time: 3.45-6.00pm. Afternoon tea will be provided.

$20 DNZ Member / $80 non-member (incls 2016 membership)

email: dramednz@gmail.com

Canterbury Branch 2016 AGM

15 September

Court Theatre Classroom -

AGM and PATS Workshop with Chris Cheeseman and Annette Thomson

followed by a rehearsal at The Court!

See http://www.drama.org.nz/regions/canterbury/ for more information

DRAMA NZ’s 2015/16 NZ Journal of Research in Performing Arts and Education is now LIVE

The 2015/2016 Drama NZ  Research in Performing Arts and Education e-Journal is now LIVE!



Drama NZ gives thanks to our Editor Professor Janinka Greenwood from The University of Canterbury, Charles Bisley, Drama NZ Vice-President and all our amazing contributors including


Dr Tracey-Lynne Cody (Palmerston North, NZ)

Dr Molly Mullen & Rod Wills (Auckland, NZ)

Professor Janinka Greenwood (Christchurch, New Zealand)

Professor Larry O’Farrell (Canada)

Dr Jane Luton (Auckland, NZ)

Asterios Tsiaras (Peloponnese, Trípoli)

Dr Shifra Schonmann (Hafia, Israel)

Dr Veronika Rodova (Czech Republic)

Drama NZ Newsletters archived…..

Catch up on past issues here  and find out whats been happening in your region.....read reviews.....and so much more!!!


2016 President’s Award Receipent

In 2015 Drama NZ introduced a new annual award called The President’s Award

This award is to recognise a person in our drama community who has given:

  • Significant long term service to Drama New Zealand, formerly known as NZADIE and drama/theatre education in New Zealand.
  • Significant service and commitment to their region – including service on association committee/boards and /or sub committees at either or both a Regional or National level.
  • A contribution to drama/theatre education at an international level.

This year’s recipient has been a part of the Arts community of New Zealand for a number of years and is a well-known face and contributor to both Drama NZ and Dance New Zealand.

She began as a teacher in Northland and went on to be an Arts Advisor in the region until these roles were disestablished.  However, since this time she has continued as an advisor in an informally capacity both within her own region and through NZ.

This person is a guru when it comes to NCEA – having been a huge part of the writing of standards, creation of resources and the realignments.  Even though she is no longer an advisor we on DramaNet always know that her advice is all knowing and to be listened too…..

I first meet this person when I was a second year teacher with first contract for Dance with NZQA.  At this time she was working in both the dance and drama area.  She often used to arrive at meetings with her own printer….always helpful and thinking further than what was the obvious.   Her contributions to discussions are always well considered and look at multiple perspectives and challenge our thinking.

This person is very loyal to DNZ and worked very hard in many capacities over the years to support the organisation and the people in it. She has served the association for a number of years as an exec member, regional rep, publications officer and from 2012-2013 was our National President.

This person has also represented the association at overseas conferences including Hong Kong in 2012.

So this is a much deserved award recognising the years of service to drama in education in NZ.  I would like you to put your hands together for the 2016 Presidents award recipient Christine Morgan.


New DNZ Life Member

Drama New Zealand is proud to introduce our newest Life Member

Rachel is now most recognised with Wellington and the Wellington Branch.  But prior to this she was a teacher in Palmerston North, an advisor for a number of years and her teaching career spans both Primary and secondary with many interesting placements around the country…do ask her about her stint on the East Coast as sole charge principal.

What bought her down to Wellington? it was a man and to be with him she then set up about finding a job in Wellington.

She applied for the Head of Drama job at Wellington Girls College in late 2007 and got the job; Jo Matheson also applied for this role.

Not long after being here Rachel became regional chair for Wellington and over the time she has been here she has always been active in the branch. She has been key in organising three Wellington conferences, in their Footsteps 2009; With Beads of Light 2012 and now meet me at the River 2016 and she was also a key figure in organising earlier conferences in the Palmerston North region.

Rachel has been the Secretary of drama NZ and is also a Past President of the Drama NZ exec and it was during her time as President that the realignment of the standards was happening and she was the go –between.

One of Kim Bonnington’ s earliest memories is of going to dinner every month with wine and being part of the exec calls and always with the help of her partner Selwyn, who was as interested in all that was happening as anyone else on the calls.

Verity Davidson (Past president) said "She is passionate about drama and education. She is a warm and generous person and a lovely friend!  Trying to think of anecdotes that are drama related...... When Rachel ran conferences she always made a huge profit!! Don't know how she did it but she did!  Her mum was a drama teacher too and she has been to several conferences. Rachel got her love of drama from her, I suspect!"

One of the best attributes about her is her enthusiasm. She is always enthusiastic. She Always want to makes connections between the people she meets and the people she knows and very often after a wee bit of discussion there is someone they have in common.

Another strong attribute is her tenacity with paperwork and filling in forms and due to this she enabled a group of us Wellington teachers to get the go ahead from the Teacher Lead Innovation Fund for a study between four different Wellington schools to monitor how we deliver our programmes and how we can raise achievement in all students but with a particular focus on Maori and Pasifika. It is due to here persistence and attention to detail that these forms were filled in correctly and helped us to get the funding we needed to carry out this project.

She continues today to be actively involved in the Wellington Drama Teacher community, branch meetings are regularly held at Wellington Girls College and she is always there to support other teachers, give a helping hand and lend an ear when discussions are needed. She is willing to come and help moderate and regularly invites others into her classroom for assessments.

rachel 2016 rachel Cert 2016










Thank you to Verity Davidson, Jo Matheson and Kim Bonnington for your contribution to this presentation.

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