Health & Wellbeing for Arts Education


Our vision is to be advocates for wellbeing in the arts education sector by providing quality resources, guidelines, and support. by empowering arts educators to make positive choices around their health and wellbeing; with the hope that there will be a flow-on effect to their students and colleagues


Meet the team


Kimberley Fridd
John McGlashan College


Kimberley is the Teacher in charge of Drama & Film at John McGlashan College and the Regional Rep & Chairperson for Drama NZ Otago-Southland. She is passionate about wellbeing in arts education and helped start a staff Wellbeing focus at John McGlashan in 2018 and is part of the Holistic & Positive Education PLC..

Diane Dupre
Logan Park High School


Diane is the HoD of Drama at Logan Park High School and a keen advocate for intercultural wellbeing...

Rachel McMillian
St Hilda's Collegiate School


Rachel is the Teacher in charge of Performing Arts and Year 12 Dean at St Hilda’s Collegiate School as well as being the Teacher in charge of Peer Mentoring. She is interested in Hauora and identity and was the lead in starting a Staff Wellbeing focus at St Hilda's in 2018...


Gillian Towle
Craighead Diocesan School


Gillian works at Craighead Diocesan School in Timaru where she the Head of Drama as well as being the Kahui Ako (Communities of Learning) Facilitator for Wellbeing. Founder and Chair of Craighead’s inaugural Wellbeing Committee. She is passionate about Pastoral Care/Wellbeing, especially for educators...

Ria Cummings
Craighead Diocesan School


Ria is the Teacher in charge of Theatre Technology, Teacher of Dance and Drama Southland Girls’ High School She is currently working with the Southern Region of the PPTA to find ways to support teacher wellbeing within the region whilst working towards gaining a Post Grad in Guidance and Counseling..


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