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Drama New Zealand is an Associate member with a variety of International Networks and Associations including


Drama NZ is proud to be an active member of the International Drama Educators Association. Our International Liason represents our views at General council and congress meetings and its three yearly conferences.

IDEA is an important worldwide organisation that was founded in 1992. Its members are culturally diverse drama, theatre and education practitioners, artists, pedagogues and teachers, from around 90 countries who are united in their commitment to making drama / theater and education accessible, significant and present in the lives of children and young people everywhere. Many national drama/theater associations are members of IDEA, as well as individual artists and practitioners.

IDEA lobbies regionally and internationally to raise the awareness of governments, key agencies and organisations, as to the importance of drama and theater in the development and lives of children and young people (both in and out of school hours). It also supports members to research in this field.

IDEA helps members to discover and share knowledge, skills and understanding through workshops, performances, international projects, publications and resources. IDEA creates and contributes to world drama/arts and education forums. It holds its World Congress every 3 years and works in partnership to create and contribute to other Seminars, Conferences, Fesivals and Congresses.

If you are an IDEA member you might decide to create or join an IDEA project, promote the work of IDEA locally, regionally and internationally, join an IDEA committee, contribute to a forum or publication, host an IDEA event or meeting, or help to build our next IDEA world congress (Paris 2013).

If you are an IDEA member please do consider what IDEA can do for you but please also consider what you can do for IDEA.


The International Drama/theatre and Education Association: www.idea-org.net

A list of the current leadership positions of IDEA can be found here: http://www.idea-org.net/en/articles/2010-2013/


Drama New Zealand and Drama Australia have a close relationship.  In 2012 we committed to a Memorandum of Understanding with Drama Australia

This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is between Drama Australia and Drama New Zealand, who are the peak national drama education associations in their respective countries and are members of IDEA (the International Drama Education Association).

The purpose of this MOU is to:

The Drama Australia Website can be found at: http://www.dramaaustralia.org.au

Drama Australia Conference

The Drama Australia conference is being held in Tasmania in 2014. http://www.dramaaustralia.org.au/82.html


To visit the UNESCO website: http://www.unesco.org/new/en/